Engine Reconditioned 1600cc Single Port H1019977

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Reconditioned 1600cc Single Port Longblock as pictured
Engine number H1019977
Case pre-cleaned and then chemically cleaned
All studs removed and all threads chased
Parting faces tidied up
Barrel and spigot faces machined
Case bolt washer faces machined
Case savers installed
Align bored case to .020
Crank Grind to .010/STD and polished
Resized Connecting Rods with new gudgeon bushes installed
Heads stripped, cleaned, checked and bead blasted, valve seats and valves refaced
New crank and rod Bearings
New Cam bearings
New Lifters
New Oil Pump
New 85.5mm Barrels and Pistons making it 1600cc
New Steel Pushrod tubes
New Spark Plugs
New Oil Pressure switch
New Single oil pressure relief valves and springs
New chromoly head studs
New engine hardware
New Cylinder Head Studs
Machined flywheel
Sold as pictured - no core required