IRS 1303 Gearbox Late 3.88 Ring and Pinion AT23083

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IRS Single side plate Gearbox from Late model 1303
3.88 Ring and Pinion with splined mainshaft (stronger)
Gearbox has been fully disassembled and the internals are in excellent condition
Everything was cleaned and 1st, 2nd and 4th syncros were replaced with new parts as a precaution
Pinion and mainshaft bearings were replaced with new
The box was reassembled and the selectors were reset
Stock first, second and third ratios. Taller ratio 0.82:1 fourth fitted
Number AT23083
The AT prefix denotes this box is from a 1600cc Type 1 1303s Super Beetle from 1972 on, with a 3.875 final drive ratio
Gearbox only, no axles, cvs, mounts etc
No core exchange required