Swingaxle Gearbox 1500 1600 AH3456335

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Swingaxle Gearbox AH3456335
Late no pad sleeve type release bearing
Gearbox has been fully disassembled and the internals inspected and replaced if required
Everything was cleaned and 1st, 2nd and 4th syncros were replaced with new parts as a precaution
3rd and 4th gears sets were welded and ground
The box was reassembled and the selectors were reset
Number AH3456335  The AH prefix denotes this box is from a 1500/1600 Type 1 with IRS (now swingaxle) from 1968 on, with a 4.125 final drive ratio
Gearbox only, no axles, tubes etc. Use the ones from your old gearbox  
No core exchange required