Westfalia Sliding Door Helper

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Westfalia Sliding Door Helper
Do you have to slide your door hard to make the rear end of the door kick in and latch correctly? If yes, this may be the item you need

This plate mounts at the rear end of the sliding door , there are 2 bolts holding the rear hinge assembly in place , this mounts in the same place using the same threaded holes
This kit comes with the main body mounting plate and 2 longer mounting bolts, plus handle screw and lock washer
You need to supply a handle, it is the same handle that fits at the other end on the lock mechanism - see our other listings  
Westfalia vans had these as very often they had a cabinet near the locking handle making it hard to shut the door hard enough to latch the rear end
Some buses have covers over the rear hinged section so please check before buying

Note: The square peg was made to suit an original handle so if using a new reproduction handle this maybe a tight fit